About the Fraziers, the Chinchilla Store and the Guitar shop
In 1972 Ron Frazier opened a cabinet shop in Othello, WA. In 1978 they moved the shop to Hermiston OR, into the building they use today. In 1980 Ron decided to pursue his interest in making and repairing musical instruments so the cabinet shop was slowly converted into a music shop. Ronda worked at the shop from the time it opened and eventually took it over full time when Ron retired in 2005. She also worked as a transcriptionist for phyicial therapy at night.

In 1993 she got her first chinchillas, Suzi and Pumpkin.

Over the next few years built her herd up to it’s peak of 800 and was very successful in showing and breeding across the U.S. In Feb. 2011 she started this online chinchilla store to provide wood to fellow chinchilla owners. It grew quite a bit more than she expected and began to take up more time than the guitar shop. In April 2011 she accepted a part time job at Good Shephard hospital and her plate was more than full!

Thankfully her dad was able to come out of retirement (he never really wanted to do that anyhow!) after following the CHIP diet and making an amazing recovery both in health and spirit. As of 2013 he is running the shop full time again and back to repairing and making instruments.

In Oct. 2011 Ronda made the extremely difficult decision to sell the chinchilla herd and focus on her family, the hospital, and the online store. In 2014 she left the hospital and now focuses completely on the wood business. You can still occasionally find her in the guitar shop with a dad-do list, but most of the time she’s out processing wood or filling orders.

New Ownership