Chinchilla Supplies

There is no more Blue Cloud dust and the mine has closed. Will will no longer be carrying dust. You can order it from

FAQ:How much dust should I use, and how often should I dust my chinchilla?
Answer: There is no such thing as too much dust, you can put as much as you like in the chinchilla's dust bath house or bowl. Because some chinchillas like to poo and pee in there we recommend using 1/4 cup at the beginning of the week and to dump it at the end. It is recommended to take the dust container out after an hour. You can dust your chinchilla as often as daily but most dust 2-3 times per week. If you notice your chinchilla's ears or feet are getting too dry it is ok to change to once a week. Chinchillas also love the blue cloud chew rocks and if given one will use it to dust themselvs regularly.
FAQ: What are chinchilla collars used for?
Answer: Chinchilla collars are used to keep females from fighting when they live in breeding cages. A male will have an access tunnel behind each female chinchilla's cage and the collars keep them from entering the tunnel.
This collar type fits most chinchillas. This is the larger of the round collars with three holes on each side. The smaller breeding collar has two holes on each side.
Large Three hole chinchilla breeding collar
Large Three hole Chinchilla Collar

w/plastic rivet
Chinchilla breeding collar fastener
Metal Rivet fits new and old collars.
Metal chinchilla rivet
Same rivet bottom side.