Ronda's Chinchillas

Refund Policy | Address Change | Insurance | Theft/Fraud

Refunds and Exchanges: To receive a refund/credit you must ship the wood back at your cost (it is usually ~$5 and you can fit 2lbs in an envelope) In the event that there is an issue with the wood we will provide a full credit plus $5 off shipping on your next order, no questions asked so long as we receive the wood back. If it is our fault (eg, wrong wood or we forgot it) the new/replacement wood will be shipped to you at our cost.

Paypal Address Changes: Due to the amount of fraud we are seeing if you require an address cange the new policy effective 3/1/2014 is that we will refund your entire order. You will need to go into paypal, change the address and re-order. This is due to several cases of compromised accounts requesting address changes and never receiving goods. Also, when we manually over-ride your verified address in paypal you lose all insurance and tracking as well as paypal theft coverage. While very annoying, we are doing this to protect you.

Insurance:Again due to the increasing number of thefts we are seeing we will purchase additional insurance for you if you request it. All flat rate boxes get an automatic $50 insurance. If you wish to add more on top of that please make a note and Ronda will get back to you with the extra cost. (It is very cheap).

Theft/Fraud: We are starting to see more theft, about 1 out of every 200 or so packages that are sent out. Sometimes they open them and leave them, in one case the dust was returned, probably due to the theif thinking it was funeral ashes. All flat rate packages are automatically insured by USPS for $50. We highly recommend you purchase extra insurance if you have a large order, enough to cover the shipping and the order. We can also provide signature receipt for you if you request it.

If you feel your packages are likely to get stolen PLEASE ship to a secure location like a post office or place of business or at minimum require proof of delivery. We will gladly add signature confirmation to any package.

What do I do if my package is not here/lost/stolen/stuck in a snow drift?
File a claim here. Ronda is not responsible for your package after it has been scanned and picked up from the shop by USPS. We can do nothing on this end, the claims must be started by YOU.

I've moved and didn't change my address and you already shipped it!
If you move you need to file a change of address with the Post office and set up mail forwarding or have a package redirected.