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Watch this page for cheap apple wood sales. Sometimes we get asked to cut down entire trees and will have overstock.

Boxes packed with apple sicks shipping included.
This button is small, medium and flat rate boxes as full as they can be of Apple Chew Chunks with shipping included.

Wood Quantity

End wood cuttings and seconds
Seconds Wood Example

Seconds and end cuttings; These are remnants off of the saws that are not full length. It can be a combination any of the woods listed on the main wood page. Shipping included.
Wood Quantity

Wood Samplers
1 ounce of Twigs in each type of wood listed. Will be separately bagged and labeled.

1oz Each Type
End wood cuttings and seconds
Yucca Pieces

10 Yucca Twigs or 5 Yucca Sticks bound with organic/natural sisal. These are available seasonally while supplies last.
Bridge Parts
Rainbow Bridge with two slats of pine and two each of six types of wood in stock. Each wood is drilled, packaged individually and labled so you can discover what your chinny likes best. Bridges will end up between 12-14" in length.
Bridge Parts Example
Bridge Parts

Treat Sampler

Sampler Combps
Sampler includes Papaya, Goji Berries, pink rosebuds, red rosebuds, herbal oat blend, festive flower mix and Apple twigs.
Toys and Treats Boxes  
Small - three of each treat (Wildberry, Berry, Peppermint, Apples N'Oats, Appleasses), 3 shredder traps, 1 of each - heart, wreath, vine ball, coconut chew.
Medium - 1oz of each treat above, papaya, red rosebuds, 9-grain supplement, festive flower mix, goji berries, 5 shredder traps, vine star, vine wreath, vine heart, shredder star.