All treats/herbs items are human food grade so the owners can enjoy too!
Our chinchilla herbal oat supplement is specifically balanced for a chinchilla's digestive system, it is pure herbs, no hay filler. It assists with re-balancing the gut after trauma and to help with weight gain and boosting the immune system. It includes a 9 grain oat blend, dandelion leaf, elder berries, flax, hibiscus, chamomile flowers, jasmine flowers, oatstraw, red clover blossoms and c/s rosehips.

We feed 1tsp per chin.
Chinchilla and rabbit herbal supplement
Herbal Oat Supplement

2oz pictured
Delightful flower mix that chins get very excited over. It is forumlated to be a fun, colorful treat to use in training and for immune system maintenance. It promotes healthy digestive functions but does not encourage weight gain, making it an excellent choice for those fluffy couch potatoes out there.
Organic festive flower mix for chinchillas and bunnies
Festive Flower Mix

2oz pictured
FAQ:Help! My chinchilla has squishy poops!?
Answer: This is normal if you flood a chinchilla's digestive system with a new treat or food too quickly. Chinchillas come in many different sizes so if you have a petite chinchilla they should have no more than 1/4tsp of treats or suppliments per day. If you have a big chinchilla they can have as much as 1tsp. Some never get squishy poo, and some have very sensitive stomachs. If your chinchilla does get diarrhea or wet poop, give them only their regular food, hay and water. They will usually clear up in 24-48 hours. If it persists after that time you can pull the food and give only alfalfa or timothy hay for 24 hours and see what happens. It may be that your food went bad or you got a bad batch (rare). If it continues to persist they may have something more serious like giardia and need to see a vet. Giardia comes from contaminated water sources so you may need to treat your drinking water too!.
These natural wheat heads are a safe and very entertaining treat to give your chin. They can be given to adults whole but we recommend breaking them into pieces for babies.
Wheat for chinchillas
Wheat Head
Chopped alfalfa bits are perfect for mixing your own snack or goodies for the chins. Small enough to stuff into little toys and vine balls for some natural chinny fun!

4oz is enough to fill a gallon bag.
Chopped loose Alfalfa bits
1oz pictured
Alfalfa bits Quantities
Papaya is a great source of vitamin C and aids in building up the immune system and assists with digestion. This is unsweetened, unsulphered natural papaya (it is not as bright orange as the treated stuff).
Natural Papaya Chunks for Chinchillas
1 oz pictured (20-25 pieces)
Goji Berries or Wolfberry is considered a superfruit and is a powerful antioxidant. Chins love these when fed sparingly. We feed once or twice a week.
Goji berries for chinchillas
1oz (270-280 pieces)
Chins Go Insane over these! They are compressed alfalfa with fruit flavoring. Good for chins with wheat allergies. The fines are the crushed stuff at the bottom of the bag and are great for making cookies.
Wild Berry Horse Treats for chinchillasWildBerry Treats - 8oz pictured
Adorable little treats shaped like stars and apples that work great for training due to their small size. They are made out of alfalfa and have mint and apple cinnamon flavoring. There is no sugar or additional additives in these so they do not interfere with special diets.
We've finally found a treat that chins enjoy as much as the Apples n' Oats, but that last longer when faced with a ravaging chin! Appleasses are very hard treats that are great for chins to wear down their teeth with. They just can't get enough! You can use a hammer to break them up into smaller pieces. These contain wheat and oats.
Berry Treats that have been fortified with additional minerals (Biotin and Vitamin E). The smell of these really gets chins excited and they are great for chins that need extra help recovering nutritionally.
Apples n' Oats horse treats. These smell awesome, so much so that a chin will rip apart anything to get to one. They are best broken up and fed in small quantities. These contain wheat and oats.

Apple Treats
FAQ: How many chinchilla treats can I give per day?
Answer This varies depending on the age of your chinchilla, it's size and preferences. For chinchillas under 4 months of age we don't recommend feeding anything but herbs, food and hay. It is extremely important that baby chinchillas get the nutrients they need from food so they grow properly. After 4 months you can introduce very tiny amounts of papaya once a week or so. Once a chinchilla hits a year old/adulthood you can try giving them anything you like, we have found they won't over indulge on the treats vs. regular food like a baby will.